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Texas Action is the premier liberty-minded bill analysis and vote recommendation organization serving the Texas legislature. Working in conjunction with our sister organization, Texas Civic Education Foundation, we provide plain-language bill summaries and liberty-minded vote recommendations to state legislators.

Vote recommendations are made based on each bill’s alignment with our Liberty Principles: Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Private Property Rights, Free Markets, & Limited Government.

We are looking for a Legislative Director for the 87th Session of the Texas Legislature to help guide and mentor policy analysts, build their writing and public policy analysis skills, and keep the process moving in a fast-paced environment to ensure that our bill analysis is accurate, well written, concise, and delivered to legislators in a timely manner.

The Legislative Director is responsible for communicating with legislators and staff on a daily basis, including informing legislative offices of recommendations against their bills when necessary.

Our legislative director must be philosophically aligned with Texas Action’s liberty principles and must be able to consistently apply those principles to make vote recommendations to legislators.

A successful candidate must be capable of interacting in a professional manner with legislators and staff of all parties and making principled vote recommendations without taking into account the party affiliation of the bill author or the impact a vote recommendation may have on a legislator’s reelection prospects.

This position is full-time temporary, with a start date in January, 2021 and running through the end of May, 2021.

How to Apply

To apply, email your resume, cover letter, and references to [email protected] In your cover letter please articulate how your alignment with our Liberty Principles makes you the perfect fit for this position. Applications without a cover letter will not be considered.
Posted November 24, 2020



Texas Action


Austin, Texas




12-14-2020 to 05-31-2021



Required Experience:

4 years

Required Skills:

Solid writer Leadership experience Legislative experience Philosophically aligned with our classical liberal world view and in alignment with our liberty principles Ability to work in a leadership capacity in a fast-paced environment Professional demeanor Excellent team player with high level intrapersonal skills Ability to analyze legislation based on policy outcomes rather than political outcomes

Desired Skills:

We prefer candidates to have legislative experience (preferably in the Texas Legislature) and policy experience outside of the legislature such as at a think tank or issue advocacy group.