Texas Action is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, principle-based organization founded on the idea that government should pursue policies that enhance liberty.

Our mission is to strengthen the essential pillars of free and civil society and to safeguard liberty throughout Texas and the nation by equipping the public and policy makers with tools to promote and defend individual liberty, personal responsibility, free markets, private property rights, and limited government.

During the legislative session, we issue a Daily Floor Report with vote recommendations on most legislation scheduled for a vote on the floor of the House and Senate. Every bill we evaluate is graded against the five liberty principles above. We commend legislation that is in alignment with those principles and we recommend against legislation that is not. We apply the liberty principles equally to every bill without regard for party affiliation or authorship.

Nathanael Ferguson is the executive director of Texas Action.

Nathanael grew up in a small village on an island in the Alexander Archipelago of Southeast Alaska where he helped run the family fishing business. Eager to see the world after completing high school, Nathanael moved to East Texas where he worked in youth ministry and travelled overseas on mission trips, eventually leading trips to Mexico, Jamaica, South Africa, Hong Kong, and Panama.

After earning a B.S. in History with a minor in Political Science at The University of Texas at Tyler, Nathanael followed his longtime dream of moving to Washington, DC to work in politics and public policy. Nathanael served as a legislative aide to Rep. Bill Posey of Florida during the 111th Congress and Rep Scott Rigell of Virginia during the 112th Congress before returning to Texas to help advance the cause of liberty, limited government, and free markets in this the greatest state in the union.

Among his many interests are travel, fishing, outdoor life, reading, spending time with his wife and three children, and enjoying the occasional fine cigar.

For more information on our guiding principles and analytical process, please see our Liberty Principles and Evaluating Legislation pages.