Request a Speaker

If you have an event and want someone to speak about advancing liberty in Texas, stopping the growing trend of statism, understanding and participating in the legislative process, identifying threats to liberty, or making the case for the Texas Model let us know. We would be happy to schedule an event with you.

Blog With Us

At The Arena we discuss local, state, and national policy and politics from a liberty perspective. We are always on the lookout for guest contributors who are writing about state and local issues in particular. Are you running a campaign against a reckless bond initiative? Is there government overreach, overcriminalization, or abuse of power happening in your area? Blog about it at The Arena. For more information email us at [email protected].

Legislative Review

If there are issues or legislative proposals that you are either opposing or advancing in the next legislative session get them on our radar early so we can get a head start in our analysis and evaluation.

Social Media 

Social media is a growing tool in the arsenal of liberty. It offers a platform to bypass the traditional media and get the liberty message directly to the people. Activists, organizations, nonprofits, and anyone else interested in fighting for limited government and free markets can amplify the message by joining forces on social media. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’ll like and follow back.