Individual Liberty:

We highly regard the right of each person to live life to the best of his or her ability with as little government interference, regulation, and coercion as possible under the protection of the United States and Texas Constitutions.

Personal Responsibility:

In a free society where people have the ability to chart their own path in life, we each bear responsibility for our choices. We have an obligation and moral duty to act as responsible stewards of our liberty.

Private Property Rights:

A core principle of our nation’s founding is that property is an extension of one’s person. Further, strong property rights underpin rule of law and prosperity and form a necessary precondition of free markets.

Free Markets:

The best economic model is one in which regulation is light, sensible, and transparent. Regulations must be designed to foster fair and free competition without becoming a barrier to entry or granting special privileges through monopoly, coercion, or cronyism. Laws and regulations should never allow government to compete with private business, impede an individual’s ability to make a living, or provide special treatment to favored companies, industries, or campaign donors.

Limited Government:

As government grows and exceeds its proper limits it impedes upon individual liberties, distorts the marketplace through overregulation, drains resources from the private sector, and raises the tax burden to fund itself. Our laws should be few, necessary, fair, and just.