The Tyler Morning Telegraph is out with a scathing report on the rapid demise of the glorious new $60,000,000 (yes $60 Million) high school football stadium in Allen, Texas.

A $60 million Texas high school stadium that got national attention for its grandeur and price tag will be shut down indefinitely 18 months after its opening, school district officials said Thursday.

Oh, really? Where ever did they get the money for that shiny new stadium?

Built in 2012 as part of a $120 million bond issue, Eagle Stadium seats 18,000 people and sports a 38-foot-wide video board.

Unfortunately, this shiny new but now defunct stadium stands as a stark reminder of why voters should eye shiny new bond proposals with a high degree of suspicion. Not all bonds issues are bad. Not all are boondoggles. But with the rapidly accelerating local debt in Texas, voters default position should be opposition to every new bond proposal. The bar for voting in favor should be very high.


Posted February 28, 2014 by Nathanael Ferguson