We are pleased to announce that during the regular session of the 84th Texas Legislature we will provide a Daily Floor Report with bill analysis and vote recommendations for bills under consideration by both the House and Senate. This is a major change from last session when our reports only considered legislation before the House.

Texas Public Policy Action launched at the beginning of the 83rd Texas Legislature with a mission to help members of the Texas House of Representatives keep up with the overwhelming number of bills they are required to vote on. Our method was simple; for every bill on the daily House calendar we provided a short analysis of what the bill would do if enacted and offered a vote recommendation connected to our Liberty Principles. The idea was to give legislators a synopsis of the bill and help them to view it through the lens of liberty with the hope that they would vote to approve liberty-advancing bills and vote to oppose bills that encroach on liberty.

The feedback from members and staff was overwhelming. Regardless of whether they agreed with our vote recommendations, most seemed to find our Floor ReportĀ a useful tool to help them better understand bills prior to voting on them. This year we had multiple requests to expand our analysis to include bills before the Senate. So here we are, back for another round as the 84th Texas Legislature gets going. We’ve increased our policy staff, taken on the Senate, and improved our process flow to get our analysis out the door earlier in order to make it more useful to legislators and staff.

We look forward to continuing our tradition of putting forward quality bill analysis and liberty-oriented vote recommendations. To receive our Daily Floor Report this session be sure to fill out the subscription form on the upper right corner of the blog page.

Posted February 20, 2015 by Nathanael Ferguson