In 2015 the Texas Legislature passed a slate of new bills expanding statutory recognition of 2nd Amendment rights. Most notably, lawmakers passed open carry and campus carry into law. In a nutshell, a Concealed Handgun License is now effectively a License to Carry. License holders will be able to open carry wherever they are permitted to carry concealed, with some exceptions. The campus carry provisions allow limited concealed carry on higher education campuses, again with some exceptions.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has a helpful rundown on all of the changes to handgun carry laws here. While open carry and campus carry are perhaps the most notable changes, there are several other important changes to handgun laws in Texas which will also become law on January 1. Before carrying a handgun in 2016, concealed or otherwise, it would be wise to visit the TxDPS site for a quick refresher.

Posted December 31, 2015 by Nathanael Ferguson