Property TaxWe support Governor Abbott’s call for a special session of the Texas legislature. Too many liberty-oriented reforms died on the vine when the regular legislative session adjourned. The special session which begins tomorrow will give the legislature a much needed opportunity to address a number of issues which should not be left unresolved until the next regular session in 2019. We encourage legislators to take advantage of this opportunity to pass strong measures to reform property taxes, secure┬áproperty rights with respect to municipal annexation and tree removal, enact school choice for those most in need, get the government out of the collection of union dues, and enact spending caps to keep debt from growing out of control. Enacting these and other liberty reforms this special session will help secure our future and keep Texas ranked among the top places to live, work, start or grow a business, and raise a family.

Posted July 17, 2017 by Nathanael Ferguson